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02/24/21 06:26 PM #5572    


Ann Shepard (Rueve)

Feeling very nostalgic after seeing the pictures of the auditorium, listening to the school songs, and remembering the cheers, I took out the list of teachers (including home room) and classes that I put together and had the foresight to keep under my diploma with my senior year report card. 
i even marked which "bell" the class was held.  I might have posted this earlier, but it came to mind when, today, someone on Facebook asked me if I ever had Mrs. Blumenthal. After consulting my list, I could answer that I did, for 10th grade English, shortly after transferring from Miss Keegan's AP English, having not read even ONE book she had assigned for summer reading before her class. 
Maybe we were in the same classes...

I will not share the FRONT of my report card. It was good, but it wasn't "summum", laugh but both my parents accepted responsibility for acknowledging my performance. 

02/24/21 07:44 PM #5573    


Jeff Daum

Barbara, it turns out that it is not only women who feel lousy after the 2nd Moderna shot.  Several of my male friends who got their 2nd Moderna shot also experienced issues the next day.  So far, I have not heard of anyone having anything other than perhaps a slight sorness and fleeting headach after the 2nd Pfizer.   Fortunately, I had no reaction to the Pfizer shots.

It absolutely amazes me that I did not feel anything when they put the needle in my arm.  Must be an incredibly thin needle.


02/24/21 08:24 PM #5574    


Gail Weintraub (Stern)

NEWS FLASH!!!!! Get your ticket now!!

Our Class of 1964 Performing Arts Fund is sponsoring the Senior HIgh School Musical "Songs For A New World" which runs from March 4-6 at 7pm Eastern. These are live stream performances which can only be viewed during these times.

The ticket link is                        Click on anywhere in the descriptive boday and the ticket options will appear.

"Songs For A New World" is a series of songs that are self-contained stories about moments in life where we are faced with a difficult choice or come to a crossroads in life. Each song jumps forward or backward in time, showing characters in circumstances similar with each other. Ultimately, it is a show about hope, optimism and the power of music and theatre to heal and transform us.

This sounds like something we all could use about now!


02/26/21 12:14 AM #5575    


Philip Spiess

So, as we often note, it's a small world; I'm referring to Walnut Hills High School connections.  (No, I'm not referring to my two bosses at the Smithsonian Institution in the 1980s, who I think I've mentioned before, Jane Glaser, Class of 1940, and Janet Solinger, Class of 1939 -- and, no, I was not hired because of that:  we didn't know of the connection until after I was employed there.)  I'm referring today to my son's sound recording career:  his studio is currently located in our rather modest house, and, as he was having a group of black singers from Baltimore in for two days to record an album (which, he told us, would require taking over nearly the entire house), and as we had a long-standing reservation at a bed & breakast in Sharpsburg, Maryland, postponed for a year because of COVID, we decided to take off and leave the house to him for three days.

So today we came back, and, greeting the young musicians from Baltimore as they were leaving, the one said to me, "You're from Cincinnati, Philip tells me?" "Yes, indeed," I said, and he asked, "Walnut Hills?"  I said, "You mean the high school?" and he said, "Yes; my mother graduated from there."  We compared notes on ages, and, although I don't know her maiden name, it appears she graduated about five years after us.  Small world!


02/26/21 06:40 AM #5576    


Chuck Cole

On our way to our class's lasrt in-person reunion, we drove from Vermont and spent the night in Rochester, NY.  In the morning we stopped at a coffee shop for pastries and coffee.  I started talking with the young man behind the counter and through the standard "where are you from questions", I came to learn he had graduated 2 or 3 years earlier from Walnut Hills.  Are we everywhere?

02/26/21 07:22 AM #5577    


Ira Goldberg

My daughter's street in Corvallis, Oregon hosts another WHHS grad. If we aren't everywhere, we're getting close. 

02/26/21 10:13 AM #5578    


Ann Shepard (Rueve)

Back when were were dining once a month, the WHHS Dining Divas ask any random passerby if they would be kind enough to take our picture. A young man, who could have been our grandson, volunteered. As he inquired about who we were, and finding out we had gone to Walnut Hills, he broke out into a grin. He had JUST graduated!  

02/26/21 01:52 PM #5579    


Gail Weintraub (Stern)

I just purchased my 'Songs For A New World' ticket.

Have you purchased yours?


02/26/21 02:09 PM #5580    


Stephen Dixon

Interesting rundown on the teachers, Ann.

I had Inskeep for 7th grade English also. I don't remember it being first period. But, then, that sentence could be generally shortened to, "I don't remember." 

I was thinking that Miss Sommers was the Math teacher that we had for TV Math, during 4th period in 7th grade. Does anyone remember that teacher's name? She was excellent. But I think they made her leave before the year was up because she was noticeably pregnant.

02/26/21 02:12 PM #5581    


Bruce Fette


Sure looks like a happy group.


And as for the question of where are we, and where are we not,

Amongst the 50 states, these are currently not listed:

Alaska, Delaware, Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South D           

akota, West Virginia. I will bet someone out there will claim some connection to one or more of these 11 states






02/26/21 02:29 PM #5582    


Steven Levinson

Phil Lowenthal, WHHS Class of '62, was the Public Defender on Maui when I moved to Honolulu in 1971.  He's been there ever since.  His son, Ben, recently made the short list of nominees to the Hawaii Supreme Court, although someone else got the job.  Steve Oppenheimer, also WHHS Class of '62, was in house counsel to Hawaiian Electric Co. until he retired, and has become a good friend.  Andy Kay, WHHS Class or '66, is a well known artist in Hawaii.

Bruce, speaking of Alaska, Dana Fabe of Cincinnati was the Chief Justice of the Alaska Supreme Court three times and served on the court for 20 years.  I had thought that she was a WHHS grad, but, no, it was Seven Hills School.

02/26/21 09:27 PM #5583    


Jerry Ochs

I'm an atheist so I need some help with this question: Is worshiping a golden swine better or worse than worshiping a golden calf? 

I haven't bumped into anybody from WHHS here in Japan but I did meet lots of P&G employees in Kobe who trained in St. Bernard and wondered why I would desert the home of the 3-way.

02/27/21 01:12 AM #5584    


Philip Spiess

Jerry:  Being an altruist myself, I'll take a stab at it.  Worshipping a Golden Swine is only considered a good thing in two cases (or casings, if we're talking the wurst possible scenario):  (a) if you are living in the realm of the "Pig Prince" of the Banat of Temeswar [cf. Johann Strauss, Jr.'s operetta, Der Zigeunerbaron (1885), or a map of the lower Danube]; or (b) you are a major executive of Kahn's Meats, Cincinnati, Ohio.  As to worshipping a Golden Calf, even if you have a veal for that sort of thing (as in Kobe), it is not recommended in any case [cf. Cecil B. De Mille's The Ten Commandments, Part II (1956), about half an hour from the end].

02/27/21 07:58 AM #5585    


Gene Stern

I purchased my ticket for the LiveStream this Thursday that Gail listed in #5574

02/27/21 10:45 AM #5586    


Ann Shepard (Rueve)

Jerry, in answer to your question, worshiping a golden idol didn't turn out too well in the Bible, Torah, or the Quran. 

02/27/21 11:53 AM #5587    


Dale Gieringer

 Bruce -   

Our 7th - 8th grade WHHS classmate George Mellinger, with whom I recently reconnected, lives in South Dakota.  And MIke Weiner, now sadly no longer with us,  unforgettably lived in Fargo, North Dakota.  So that's two states off your list.

Years ago, our family used to take vacations in Italy.  I would take along a Walnut Hills High School t-shirt that I'd purchased at a class reunion (probably our 30th).  It was just the right summer shirt for the blazing hot Italian sun.   Anyhow, as I was strolling through - where else? - the Roman forum, I was approached by some young American travelers who recognized the shirt and said they too were from WHHS.  Then, on another trip, the same thing happened to me in a Florentine coffee house.   After that, we traveled to the Island of Lipari, an Ionian island off of Sicily.  While strolling though an archeological museum of ancient Ionian culture, a young woman approached me and asked if I was from WHHS in Cincinnati;   she had friends who went there.   It left me wondering whether there's a magical connection between ancient Italy and WHHS Latin class.







02/27/21 03:53 PM #5588    


Paul Simons

To briefly touch on what Jerry and Ann are talking about- from what I hear America might lead the world in not only Covid deaths but also in variations of religious worship. Today I heard about a sect that believes Illuminati are determined to implant RFID chips in everyone’s head and must be stopped and yes, there is definitely worship of gold, of swine, and of golden swine. 

02/27/21 11:10 PM #5589    


Philip Spiess

Paul:  Oh, god!  The Illuminati!  Though of memorable existence in the 16th through the 18th centuries, presumptive heirs to the Rosicrucians (who once again exist, with headquarters in San Jose, California), they really are no longer with us -- unless you choose to count the Masonic Order as their successors (dubious).  How these myths prosper and increase!  One of the greatest myths of our day is the number of schools, public and private, that claim they are teaching "critical thinking."  Obviously, they are not.

Dale:  Speaking of Ionia, when I was teaching Middle School History and Geography -- ancient Greek history to the 5th Grade -- trying to establish mechanisms by which they might remember something or other (true, not necessarily "critical thinking") -- when covering the wars between Greece and Persia, I focused on the map of Asia Minor, constantly contested between the two countries, but known in those days as "Ionia."  As a mnemonic device, I'd tell my students (who, young as they were, understood my penchant for punning)) that the Greek colony of Ionia would be captured by the Persians, who'd then say, "I own ya!", only to be recaptured, in due course, by the Greeks, who'd say, "No, I own ya!" (etc., etc., etc.).

It will come as no surprise to any of you that we live in dire -- nay, dismal -- times.  Noting the neutrality of this Forum, I will pass on from politics to air travel (which I do not undertake under any of the current circumstances).  Time was when, in the halcyon days of the 1950s and 1960s, that TWA's "Royal Ambassador Flight" offered this menu for passengers aboard (Wilbur and Orville, could this be Wright?) (I'm quoting here from Lucius Beebe, journalist and gourmand extraordinaire):  "fresh Malossol caviar . . . a bewilderment of the best French hors d'oeuvre to accompany a choice of cocktails -- martinis, manhattans, vodka martinis, old-fashioneds, or gimlets. . . .  There was clear turtle soup with sherry . . . Maine lobster Thermidor, fillets of English sole ambassadeur, prime U. S. sirloin steak or chateaubriand, double-thick lamb chops, canard a l'orange au Grand Marnier, and a salmi of guinea fowl.  There were conventional vegetables and salads, there was a wide assortment of the best French, English, and Italian cheeses, a bombe glacee, fruit, and French pastry, all washed down with limitless quanities of Mumm's Cordon Rouge [i.e., great champagne].  Also, tucked away . . . for the benefit of returning Americans . . . were such items as a hamburger special, corned beef on rye, hot dogs, and malted milks."  I believe TWA no longer exists -- nor does such an airline menu.  Was it Dreamland?  And speaking of our Walnut Hills follies of yesteryear, do they even serve Peanuts on airlines any more?  Or anything?  (Maybe drinks?)  "O tempora!  O mores!"

02/28/21 07:35 AM #5590    


Paul Simons

Phil reading that TWA menu made me hungry for the Chateaubriand and also forces me to confess that I finally broke down and violated my year-long prohibition of fast food. Out of fear of Covid contamination of packaging or product - no McDonalds or Popeyes or Wendy’s etc. But yesterday in honor of vaccine shot #1 I had a BK Double Whopper and it was great! But to be realistic it will be healthier to have the staff put chateaubriand on both of my private jets (null set).

But to be serious as we’re all approaching our later years sound investments are important and what is more sound than gold? My broker Don Goldswine and Sons is offering these solid gold coins, valuable as both precious metal and as an indication of our indomitable spirit and love of Truth, Justice, and The American Way. (They are made in China.)

02/28/21 10:28 AM #5591    


Philip Spiess

Yeah, when pigs fly (or is that "swine flew"?).

02/28/21 11:38 AM #5592    


Paul Simons

Phil. In Cincinnati they do fly. Some fly in, some fly out, some just wind up at the Kahn’s plant.

02/28/21 11:54 PM #5593    


Philip Spiess


03/01/21 06:00 AM #5594    


Paul Simons

You nailed it Mr. Philip Spiess.  Rules of etiquette and propriety prevent me from divulging the true depth, meaning, and import of the matter here but just Google "Swinette" and you will have solved the mystery! One caution - be sure to look for the Cincinnati Pork Association Certified (CPAC) logo on the tag and on the console if you're in the market for a swinette. There are a lot of counterfeits around. Be sure to get the real thing, because like a Stradivarius violin or a Steinway piano a fine swinette can run into some real money.

03/01/21 09:48 AM #5595    


Judy Holtzer (Knopf)

Paul - I have a hard time sometimes deciding whether you are serious or pulling our legs.... Was that for real about a broker named Goldswine? And is he Jewish? If you say yes to the latter question, then I call Bullshit to the former.

03/01/21 09:55 AM #5596    


Judy Holtzer (Knopf)

Again for Paul - Cincinnati Pork Association Certified?? Is that perchance the caterers for the Conservative Political Action Conference?

Wasn't that fun!?

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