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11/23/20 04:05 PM #5281    


Paul Simons

Thanks Jerry - I think you figured it out! But - where’s the volcano? How do the people, the indigenous people (which we are at this point) get the politician to the volcano? Does it work if some type of subterfuge is used, like putting a very attractive golf course around the volcano? Or does the politician have to know what he’s going to be experiencing? Does the good old throw-him-out-of-the-helicopter trick work?

Sorry for all the questions. I took God Appeasement 101 but couldn’t pass it. Took it again - summer school at Woodward - failed again. I’m lucky they let me graduate!

Judy - the ozone layer was in danger some years ago due to the use of hydrofluorocarbons in aerosols and refrigerants and their release into the atmosphere. The whole world came together to confront and head off the threat. That was at a time before science and true facts had been declared the enemy by certain retrograde elements in various countries. Lately the opposite of “sursum ad summum” - “inferos descendere” - has become the order of the day, worldwide.

11/24/20 12:43 AM #5282    


Gail Weintraub (Stern)

Our Class of 1964 Performing Arts Fund sponsored the recording of Hamlet. The play can be Streamed On Demand through December. See my Post #5227 for purchase information.

This is the first review that we have received:

"We watched WHHS Hamlet last night. These kids are talented and worked very hard to put on an excellent performance. The staging, costuming, lighting and acting were all well done. Having it filmed professionally became a tribute to the cast and crew. Their hard work deserved this expert filming. Thank you to the Class of 1964 Performing Arts Fund for making it possible."

11/24/20 12:56 AM #5283    


Philip Spiess

And now a bulletin from the world (perhaps) of Findlay Market, certainly from "Over-the-Rhine":

The German government has just issued a decree, namely, that all German citizens are to henceforth start stocking both sausage and cheese, in response to the pandemic.

This is viewed as a "Wurst-Kase" scenario.

11/24/20 05:16 AM #5284    


Jerry Ochs

Bummer.  Running low.  Just stems and seeds.

11/24/20 05:18 AM #5285    


Jerry Ochs

CORRECTION:  Just seeds

11/24/20 06:25 AM #5286    


Laura Reid (Pease)

Paul, thanks for posting those sound tracks for me.....unfortunately I couldn't open them....probably my error.  but I did love the post by Stan.

Judy, thanks for your reply about our alma mater.  It is concerning, but so many things to be concerned about now, aren't there??  so happy you are doing well.

Larry, thanks for the info about logging out; I wasn't aware.



11/24/20 06:59 AM #5287    


Paul Simons

First Larry I know I know you're an expert golfer so tell me - if the volcano trick doesn't work what club - iron? driver? - would be best for let's say swinging at a pinata? I'm only about 5'6" and the pinata is at about 6'4" height.

Then Laura I'm sorry if some links didn't work. Try them with various devices - your desktop and/or laptop computer, your tablet, your phone - please let me know what happens.

Then Phil I am not usually given to wordplay but I'll give it a try - that was the wurst pun!! It was the WURST! I demand immunity from your impunity before my ears have to herd such language into my already overstuffed head again. But seriously with Thanksgiving in a couple of days and no big family gatherings this year I recommend Putenwurst. No it has nothing to do with our dear friend Vladimir Putin and everything to do with turkey sausage.

11/26/20 01:39 AM #5288    


Jerry Ochs

Phil' loves puns and other word play, so this one's for you, mate.

11/26/20 09:42 AM #5289    


Philip Spiess

You forgot one of Cincinnati's biggest companies -- MILACRON.

11/26/20 04:56 PM #5290    


Paul Simons

Besides beer, bratwurst, and Ivory soap...

11/27/20 12:01 AM #5291    


Jerry Ochs

Autumn flowers always warm my heart.  I wish they had the same effect on my feet.

11/28/20 10:47 PM #5292    


Nancy Messer

Chuckle for the Day

My neighbor Pam, who helps me with everything, fosters cats and kittens.  She's currently making little blankets for cats for Christmas and asked if she could borrow some straight pins.  When she came over I handed her this very old pin cushion.  I told her I've had the pin cushion and the pins in it since seventh grade home ec class!  We both had a nice laugh.

11/29/20 11:42 AM #5293    


Stephen Dixon


The Macron-to-Mickey Rooney is hilarious. Hahaha...

I'm going to steal that and look very clever in other circles.

11/29/20 05:50 PM #5294    


Jerry Ochs

Stephen, I'll have to report you to the Twitter user I stole it from.

11/30/20 12:35 PM #5295    


Judy Holtzer (Knopf)

For a mesmerizing experience, look up the amazing 3D motion graphic sculptures of Andreas Wannerstedt. Hypnotising....

This is one link


11/30/20 05:17 PM #5296    


Ann Shepard (Rueve)

Celebrating the first snow of the season with my best friend today.  Hoping all of you are staying safe!

11/30/20 09:00 PM #5297    


Paul Simons

Snow for your birthday!! A rare gift these days! Happy Birthday Ann!

12/01/20 12:28 AM #5298    


Ann Shepard (Rueve)

Thanks Paul.  

12/01/20 06:48 AM #5299    


Ann Shepard (Rueve)

Cincinnati was featured on The Simpsons.  I particularly enjoy the depiction of the Clifton Skyline Chili! The entire episode is featured at the end of the article.

12/01/20 07:35 PM #5300    


Jerry Ochs


Although Richard and Gail warned us about engaging in the sort of divisive discourse that tore apart the alumni page of another graduating class, your tale of the tiny blankets for cute kittens may have become the spark that ignited a a civil war on this message forum.  In my humble opinion, dogs are baseball players and cats are prima ballerinas.  Dogs are from Mars and cats are from Venus.  Dogs eat things that cats view with disgust.  It may be true that a cat has never alerted a family to a fire in the kitchen or rescued a drowning child, but a dog has never jumped onto the middle of a pizza or knocked wine glass after wine glass onto the floor to the amusement of all present.  If reincarnation is more than a myth, I pray that I come back as a Sylvester and not a Pluto.

12/01/20 08:15 PM #5301    


David Buchholz

Just a we focus on staying healthy, staying inside, and staying away from other people, there are beautiful things happening that really don't give a damn about any of us, our election, our health, and our frustration.  The full moon rising last night was one of them.

The monarch butterfly clinging to its chrysalis was another.

And the egret followed suit, drying in the sun,.

Wishing everyone well in this trying troublling time. 

12/02/20 06:30 AM #5302    


Paul Simons

In Philly lingo youse guys are lifesavers! Wonders of the natural world and Cincinnati chili!!

Ann the link at the end of the article was blocked by Disney but I found another which by curious serendipity contains interstitial animal petting on the way to Skyline at Clifton and Ludlow:

12/02/20 02:16 PM #5303    


Philip Spiess

The store on the northeast corner of Clifton and Ludlow Avenues, Clifton, which for many years now has been the Clifton branch of Skyline Chili (seen correctly at the very end of The Simpsons sequence above), was originally (well, in my childhood) Stier's Pharmacy (founded 1907).  It had a wonderful soda fountain on the eastern side of the store which served such things as chocolate Cokes and nectar sodas.  The interior, by the time I was going there, was wonderful Art Deco black glass and mirrors and indirect lighting.

Stier's Pharmacy, the rival of our classmate Steve Pahner's father's Pahner's Pharmacy, several doors west on Ludlow Avenue (we actually patronized both pharmacies), later moved to the south side of Ludlow Avenue west of Clifton Avenue, nearly across the street from Pahner's (which had a much more old-fashioned interior, with glass-fronted and medical glassware-filled cabinets running up to the ceiling; I believe the Pahner family lived above the store).  Kent Stier retired from the family business in 1994.  

12/02/20 08:24 PM #5304    


Paul Simons

I lived for a while up the street from that corner. Actually at that point Ludlow was called Jefferson Ave but cross Clifton Ave and it became Ludlow. There was an IGA grocery store where my girlfriend at the time and I used to shop for food. She was a sister of our classmate Sue Merkel but hadn't gone to WHHS. Looking at this website there's no information about Sue, nothing. She was as I remember a very quiet person. Anyway the IGA was strange in that it had a large pet food section.Why? Did residents of Clifton have more or larger pets than those of other neighborhoods?  We may never know.

12/02/20 09:06 PM #5305    


Philip Spiess

Paul:  It was the elephants.  For some reason they hated Skyline Chili (elephants have delicate stomachs -- though big ones), and so the IGA store, known locally as Keller's Supermarket, had to stock pet food (also fot the numerous goldfish which inhabited various Clifton residences, which, if they were very good, got to graduate to the waterways in the Krohn Conservatory in Eden Park).

The eastern end of Ludlow Avenue changes to Jefferson Avenue at Brookline Avenue (which was also the northern entrance to Burnet Woods) (cf. Enoch T. Carson Lodge, halfway between Skyline Chili and Brookline Avenue, the address of which is 518 Ludlow Avenue).  There also stood the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity house, the former home of Cincinnati's political boss, George B. Cox [see Part VI of my treatise on "Cincinnati's African-Americans"]; I believe it is now a Cincinnati Public Library branch.  If you continued east on Jefferson Avenue, you could cut north on Ruther Avenue or Vine Street and quickly find yourself at the front entrance to the Zoo -- hence the elephants (tusk, tusk).

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