Missing Classmates

We have been unable to reach the classmates listed here.  For most of them we have no contact info at all.  In all cases, we have no email address.   In some cases, we have other contact info which is most likely out of date. Please realize that this is a volunteer effort and the list may not be 100% accurate.

If you see your name on this list, please register on this site and fill in or update the contact information in your profile.   Then we will be able to keep you informed about reunions.  If you enter an email, we will also be able to forward messages to you from classmates.   We will keep your email and any other contact information private.  Your name will be automatically removed from this list.

If you can provide an email or other contact information for anyone listed on this page, please click here to share that information wtih the reunion committee.  We will keep this information private and only use it to invite the classmate to join the site.

Some of our classmates attended WHHS but did not graduate with us. Those who left after 10th Grade are: Dottie Burrell, Ina Campbell, Tom Cobb, John Courter, Leslie Dolphin, Jack Dunn, Peter Franklin, Susie Goldhagen, Ed Gouedy, Gail Hansen, Morgan (Andy) Hickenlooper, Geoffrey Highfield, Edwin Kinsley, Sharon Longeway, Jim Martin, Lorraine McDevitt, Sue Merkel, Jim Nathan, Patti Randall, Rick Rosenbaum, Steve Royal, Ed Siddens, Thomas Taylor, Herbert Tripp, Jack Turner, Cedric (Rick) Vogel and Paul Youngs.  Those who left after 11th Grade are: Paul Agnew, David Buchholz, Ben Burton, Hugh Downer, Bruce Dobbs, John Jordan, John Lyon, Judy Roberts, Cornelia (Teedee) Spelman, Barb Watt and Cathy Welsh.

Stephanie Alke (Johnson)
Dottie Burrell
Ina Campbell
Tim Cobb
Roz (Rosanne) Cole
Leslie Dolphin
Bruce Dubbs
Jack Dunn
Peter Franklin
Elizabeth Freeman (Nord)
Susie Goldhagen
Gail Hansen
Eleanor Harlow
Stanley (Tad) Hooker, III
Jerri Lee Jennings (Dixon)
John Jordan
Nicholas Koch
Roberta Lawrence
Diane Lemperle
Sharon Longeway
Dianne Marcus (Minson)
Jim Martin
Lorraine McDevitt
Sue Merkel
Frances Miller
Susan Purrington
Judy Roberts
Marie Schwarz
Kenzo Takai
Thomas Taylor
Herbert Tripp
Jack Turner
Cathy Welsh
Larry Wyllie

Guest Members

Kathy Thomas