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07/08/21 03:19 PM #5703    


Barbara Kahn (Tepper)

I think there was a ninth grade dance.  I only remember the one in the class before ours and I know who I went with.  My mom was in the hospital and my aunt, who lived next door, helped me find a dress to wear. It was such an emotional event I do remember that but not much about our class.  

07/11/21 07:58 PM #5704    


David Buchholz

On another subject...

After reading Gordon Chang's book, The Ghosts of Gold Mountain, the story of the Chinese immigrants who came to California in the mid-nineteenth century, hoping to find riches only to find that their inability to understand English, anti-Asian prejudice, left them with little options beyond laying railroad tracks through the Sierra Nevada mountains, carving train tunnels out of mountains with hammers, picks, and dynamite.  The tunnels, now abandoned, are open to hiking.  We did just that last week. And yes, I took my camera.

This is tunnel #6.  It took almost two years to build and took many Chinese lives.

A review of the book

I have a few more photographs and text on my website.




07/14/21 09:51 PM #5705    


Bruce Fette


Long ago I was an avid Spelinker in Arizona. I tried taking movies and photos in some spectacular Arizona caves. But the problem of lighting the shots was an increadible challenge at the time. I built my own remote flash mechanism so that when the camera flashed, then other flashbulbs would also go off.   Even so, it was mostly very difficult to do justice to those Arizona caves.  They swallow the light!

I see that you have developed a superb process for the accomplishment  of lighting cave shots. I presume it to involve use of long duration open shutter, and then walking down the corridor a specific number of paces, and triggering a modern hand held flash unit at integer multiples of the pace count. With Beautiful results!

Others: Anyone with an interest in what engineers believe could be useful to address climate change, please contact me personally.




07/15/21 10:41 PM #5706    


David Buchholz


Occam's Razor:  

  1. the principle (attributed to William of Occam) that in explaining a thing no more assumptions should be made than are necessary. The principle is often invoked to defend reductionism or nominalism.
    Sadly, I would love for you to think that I had illuminated the tunnels as you wrote.  And indeed, such a thing, I suspect, could be done as you described.  However, if you look at the photographs posted, you'll see that there are small rectangles of light at regular intervals down the right side of the tunnels.  These are windows, and they provided all the illumination I needed.  Yes, a tripod was necessary to create the depth of field with a long shutter speed (even at ISO 500) of about five seconds.  These were all taken with natural light.
    In my business I worked with strobes and "slaves." (Ann, please forgive.  Slaves are doodads mounted on strobe lights that enable additional multiple lights to flash simultaneously with the light the photographer is connected to).  (Oh damn, a sentence ending with a preposition!)  More mea culpas.  I've used as many as seven lights in some situations to create scenes, but in the tunnels, no light, no nothing.   
    Even the first photo of Tunnel #6...the light illuminating the rocks at the left and right of the photo is coming from an entrance.  1/4 mile further on is the end of the tunnel, and the bright light at the center of the image is coming from the sunlight on that side.

07/16/21 07:23 AM #5707    


Ann Shepard (Rueve)

No offense taken Dave. I've worked with computers networks, although they now refer to the "master" server as the "main" server. Beautiful picture by the way! wink



07/19/21 02:50 PM #5708    


Gail Weintraub (Stern)

David R. Schneider posted this on FaceBook today:

"Today, I found out that my best friend from childhood, Paul Bernheimer, passed yesterday. We both went to North Avondale Elementary School, we started at Walnut Hills High School together, and he transferred to Woodward after the eigth grade. Even after high school and college, he was part of our lives. He was able to visit with us in Ft. Myers one Christmas, but his health started to deteriorate shortly thereafter- Parkinson’s. Thank you Paul for being you and being a beacon to so many of your friends!"

I join David and all our classmates in remembering Paul. May his memory always be a blessing. RIP. ~Gail 

07/25/21 02:12 PM #5709    


Dale Gieringer

    A DRY REPORT:   This summer we're grappling with the worst drought since I arrived in California some 50 years ago (actually, the worst in the state's history, and worst in a thousand years according to climatologists).  A few scenes:

A supposed marsh and wetlands bird sanctuary in Coyote Hills Park:   

Trees are dying all around the East Bay open space park trails where we hike.

Some of you may recall these scenes from our neighborhood hillside

(A) in mid-April

(B) On Memorial Day

(C) Goats arrived yesterday on their annual brush clearance and fire prevention mission to the hill.

So far, we've evaded the smoke from the fires.  Did any of you downwind to the east see or smell it?  Bracing for possible planned electricity outages.  The largest hydro station in the state may be out of commission due to record low water.   

07/25/21 05:34 PM #5710    


Paul Simons

Dale - thanks for the photojournalism. I wish I could return the favor with a photo I took myself of the sun at about 4:00 PM a couple of days last week. You could look right at it in a cloudless sky. It was orange. Not the usual yellow-white but a reddish orange and luminosity diminished by the concentration of smoke in the air over Philly. People can believe whatever they want - it's irrelevant. The nightmare is just starting, here and now. I was filled with grief for those who were burned to death, trapped in the fire last year and if I have any emotion left it will be the same this year.

07/26/21 09:52 AM #5711    


Becky Payne (Shockley)

Thanks, Dale and Paul, for those powerful and sobering photos. They underscore the urgency of the need to respond to all the dreadful news coming out of the west (and the rest of the planet as well). 

07/27/21 07:21 AM #5712    


Paul Simons


I'm - what's the word - relieved, encouraged, maybe even glad that you recognize the problem Becky. It isn't getting better as the photos of the Lake Oroville Reservoir in Northern California illustrate. I heard on public radio that the Amazon rainforest, thought of as "the lungs of the world" because it soaked up carbon in the atmosphere and released oxygen has become a net emitter of carbon because the person that runs Brazil one Jair Bolsonaro has encouraged clear cutting it to allow palm oil producers and cattle ranchers to use it. And China and India continue building more and more coal-fired plants. However we can feel better about what's happening here which is more renewable energy. My dream has been solar panels on the roof, batteries in the cellar and a plug in the garage for my electric car but I live in an apartment so it won't happen.

Lake Oroville, CA. 
The first photo is from 3 years  ago. 
The 2nd photo was taken April 27 2021. 
The 3rd was taken last week.

This is terrifying.

07/28/21 04:55 AM #5713    


Stephen Collett

This is my submission to the annual summer photo contest for the national leftist newspaper I am reading, "Class Struggle"/Klassekampen. I am with friends on a small mountain that I see from my kitchen window, from my house near the lighthouse at the far back of the photo.

07/28/21 08:31 PM #5714    


Ira Goldberg

Here we see Mount Shasta on June 23, 2021. Its snowy peak's top half has loomed above Northern California for as many years as I've travelled I-5 and well before. No longer is the road blocked at the 6000 foot snow line. 


08/12/21 06:31 PM #5715    


Gail Weintraub (Stern)

It is with great sadness that I have learned of the passing of another classmate.

Danny Brown died yesterday, August 11, 2021. I will post his obituary on his In Memory page.

May Danny's memory always be a blessing.

08/13/21 11:35 AM #5716    


Becky Payne (Shockley)

Thanks for sharing the sad news. I remember Danny well and I always admired him - smart and kind, with a good sense of humor. I'm sure he will be missed.


08/13/21 12:35 PM #5717    


Stephen Dixon

Scary series of photos, Paul. And the rate of change is doubly, quadruply alarming. I am afraid that we may be past the point of turning this calamity around.

Sorry, friends. I don't like to be just a negative voice, but I do not see us having either the time or the collective will to alter the path we are on.

08/13/21 03:32 PM #5718    

David R. Schneider

I am sorry to hear about Danny. Danny was a good guy who got along with all of us. May his memory be a blessing! 


08/13/21 03:46 PM #5719    

Mary Benjamin

So sorry to hear about Danny Brown. He was a creative and special person, I remember him vividly and am sad to hear this news. May his memory be a blessing.

08/14/21 11:51 AM #5720    


Stephanie Riger

I was so sorry to learn of Danny's death.  I haven't seen him since high school but I remember clearly his warm smile and friendly words.  He will be missed.

Here's a great interview with him:

08/14/21 01:51 PM #5721    


Steven Levinson

Hey boys and girls, how about putting these heartfelt sentiments on Danny Brown's In Memory page?  He deserves that.

08/15/21 11:17 AM #5722    


Becky Payne (Shockley)

Thanks, Stephanie. I just read that interview and it is fascinating! I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to talk to Danny about Asian art, since I've acquired a few pieces of art and calligraphy as gifts from my visits to China over the years,and I love Chinese paintings. And Steve's suggestion to put this on the Memory page is a good one!

08/16/21 10:48 AM #5723    


Ann Shepard (Rueve)

I enjoyed the article posted by Stephanie. Thank you! 
The picture of Danny and Anna-Marie from our Remembrancer is one of my favorites. 

08/17/21 04:06 PM #5724    


Paul Simons

Reading the many warm remembrances of Danny Brown I wonder if there's any truth to the idea that it takes a person's death to bring out the feelings people had but didn't express during his or her life. I was in a class or two with Danny, didn't know him well, wasn't in the same type of activities, but to go from the particular to the general I wonder, over the years, among the - what, about 350 people - what words of praise were never spoken, what secret crushes stayed secret, and conversely what callous insults were never answered. There were the well-known high school romances between the football stars and the cheerleaders, the cavalier comments with the racist or other elitist undertones, and everything in between most of which I could never imagine. The bottom line is, if it's good do it now; if it's bad forgive and forget. Probably in many cases these things have already happened, but it's still worth a moment's thought.

09/03/21 08:44 PM #5725    


Nancy Messer

I need help on a subject I know nothing about - burning DVDs.  I have many of my uncle's movies on my cable DVR.  That machine is close to the end of its life and I would lose all the movies at that point.  A rep from the Sony store I got the tv from was here for a different issue.  I explained about my uncle's movies and what I wanted to do.  When we went to the other tv that has the main DVR he saw I have a combined VHS/DVR machine.  He said I could burn discs directly from one machine to the other.  I don't know how to do this and don't know important things needed to compare things.  I first need reference material to understand the process (Missing Manual doesn't have anything on this!).  Then I need reference material on how to do it.  Anyone who has useful information can private message me.  Thanks for your help.

09/04/21 06:54 AM #5726    


Paul Simons

Hello Nancy, 

Since this might be useful to others as well I'll put it here. I haven't done this myself but I've found YouTube tutorials to be extremely valuable in other areas.


09/09/21 08:24 PM #5727    


Nancy Messer

Paul- Thanks for your help.

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