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01/14/22 10:29 AM #5904    


Ann Shepard (Rueve)

I love you guys!! heart

See you on the flip side!!

01/14/22 11:38 AM #5905    


Becky Payne (Shockley)

Ditto to Laura's comment!  A smart move in these times. And I expect that John and I will find our first ever trip to Scandinavia (scheduled for a few days after the reunion) cancelled for the 3rd time! Sad but necessary. I hope everyone stays well!

01/14/22 11:54 AM #5906    


Richard Winter

I agree about the cancellation.  We just cancelled a long planned family trip to the West Coast on which we were supposed to leave today, because of Omicron.   I hope the Omicron wave wlll have passed by June, but people need to be able to plan reunion trips some time ahead and we can't count on better conditions far enough ahead of time, at this point, to put together a safe and sound reunion.   Meanwhile, in an effort to spread cheer,  here is my latest take on "Sursum ad Summum":


01/14/22 07:12 PM #5907    


Philip Spiess

Obviously, Becky, after three cancellations there's nor way you're going to get to Scandinavia!

01/15/22 09:18 AM #5908    

Kathy Ann Jentelson (Cole)

I'm writing a book about the things that I've learned from school, from Google, and from my personal experiences. It will be available as a free ebook. I'll announce here how to access it, after it's finished.

01/15/22 12:22 PM #5909    


Richard Murdock

Can I add another "aw nuts" to the cancellation of our June 2022 reunion - which was a postponement from our June 2021 reunion.  I was definitely looking forward to seeing my classmates this June. And get a chance to drive by the house I grew up in  - in Hyde Park.  The only thing I was not looking forward to was experiencing the humidity that I remember so vividly back when I was growing up in Cincinnati.  PS:  my house in Hyde Park (built in 1922) was not air conditioned. 

My best wishes to all of you - and here's hoping that the reunion will actually be held in 2023 !

01/15/22 12:37 PM #5910    


Becky Payne (Shockley)

Phil, you are correct! And we are not expecting to go - at least not this year...


01/15/22 08:15 PM #5911    

Bonnie Altman (Templeton)

The right choice considering omicron. We just canceled our trip to Israel. 

01/15/22 09:14 PM #5912    


Paul Simons

Well ok but for every fail there's always a workaround, in this case a completely OUTDOOR reunion at Coney Island's beautiful Sunlite Pool

01/16/22 06:36 AM #5913    


Laura Reid (Pease)


01/16/22 10:14 AM #5914    


Ann Shepard (Rueve)

Yes.  The Cincinnati Bengals FINALLY had their first playoff victory in over 30 years.  





1991 with Ms T the "lhasacocka".                                     2022 with Chief the goldendoodle 




01/16/22 10:58 AM #5915    


Judy Holtzer (Knopf)

Kathy J. - Good for you on writing a book! I've thought about writing The Story of My Life many times, but ffffffftt. No spine (literally and figuratively) You've got an awfully big subject there. How many volumes? :)


Bonnie - Sorry that I will miss you, but it's the right decision. I had a friend from Florida who came here recently for a grandson's wedding, and she almost had a nervous collapse before coming, during, and before boarding togo back home. Besides being challenging during Covid, Israel is disappointing with so many things being closed or limited.

01/16/22 02:37 PM #5916    


Sandy Steele (Bauman)

Whoever the committee is for our reunion, you made the correct decision, although it made me sad to reaad it. We just postponed a European river cruise with friends in May due to the various requirements in three different countries. Hope my classmates are staying healthy, and hope we can get together sometime before we turn 80!

01/16/22 06:07 PM #5917    


Gail Weintraub (Stern)

This shouldn't be a secret. The Co-Chairs of the 75th Birthday Reunion, the 75+1 Birthday Reunion and now the 75+1+1 Birthday Reunion is Sally Fox Korkin and me, Gail Weintraub Stern. A year or so prior to our 75th Birthday Reunion, I met with Ann Shepard Reuve, Sandy Steele Bauman and Sally Fox Korkin at Laura Reid Pease's home to discuss how our reunion would proceed without the energy and largesse of Rick Steiner.  Months later, Sally and I met with Debbie Heldman and Jenny French of the WHHS Alumni Foundation to scout out possible reunion venues for our Friday and Saturday night gatherings. Contracts were executed and programming was underway. We were thrilled!  Then COVID struck. Thankfully, we were able to secure the same venues for our 75+1 Birthday Reunion. But, with Omicron running rampant, Sally, Debbie and I had multiple conversations about what to do. Cancellation was a difficult decison. We are disappointed and yet relieved that you all agree that it was the prudent thing to do. Let's hope that this will be are last cancellation. Time will tell....

01/16/22 08:40 PM #5918    


Philip Spiess

Better the Reunion being cancelled by COVID than any of us being cancelled by COVID.  Y'all (well, I live in Virginia, don't I?) stay safe, and we'll have so much to celebrate together when we can see each other again at last!

01/17/22 12:35 PM #5919    


Becky Payne (Shockley)

Thank you to all Reunion Chairs for keeping us connected and safe! You guys are the best!!


01/17/22 08:05 PM #5920    

Kathy Ann Jentelson (Cole)

Hi Judy, my old friend from grade school. Thanks for noticing my post. I'm going to have fun writing this book, and you can finally find out how "Hairy Sue" got her unusual name. Looking forward to chatting with you. Kathy

01/18/22 06:01 AM #5921    


Paul Simons

Yes let us know about the book Kathy. Now and then I come across a really good one. Not so long ago "The Plot Against America" by Philip Roth. He published it in 2004. Today we don't have to read it - it's happening, you can watch it on TV. But let us know when yours comes out.

01/18/22 06:23 AM #5922    


Stephen Dixon

Good work Gail, Sally, et al. We all owe you a debt.

This stuff, this every-busy Covid organism is looking more and more like a truly long-term siege.

01/18/22 02:21 PM #5923    


Stephen Collett

 In some cases in life it is a blessing to not be able to turn back, that is not an option. My most important life decisions have been that way. Actually, not decisions, but something you slide into and then realize that it is right.    It may be this way with our erstwhile reunion. For I had already made plans, including other business in Ohio. Is it possible that a couple of Covid-sensitive arrangements could be made? At least for those in the vicinity?  I like Si´s suggestion of Coney Island!


01/18/22 04:09 PM #5924    


Paul Simons

Thanks for actually considering it Steve. I was half serious, half joking but the idea opens the door to other possibilities like Ault Park. Eden Park, although on a nice day or evening it's crowded. I don't live in Cincinnati anymore but on a couple of trips back have found that the Covington waterfront has been commercially expanded, summa-cum-gentrified, meaning lots of outdoor dining where you can get a $6.50 cheeseburger for only $18.75, that's a shot as well. There's a bridge across the Ohio River that has been painted purple and made pedestrians only. And, good news, the $6.50 will get you a glass of Schoenling. Go Bengals.

01/19/22 05:53 AM #5925    


Nelson Abanto

It is a shame that we have to cancel again.  I have come to the conclusion that the CDC, QAnon and Nelson Abanto don't seem to have a good understanding of how this virus mutates.  The only thing that I am sure about is that there are quite a few letters left in the Greek alfabet.  We are not out of the woods yet.

01/19/22 12:02 PM #5926    


Dale Gieringer

     Following up on Paul's idea, it's also possible to book outdoor party spaces at Mt Airy Forest and Winton Woods  (we once held a Gieringer reunion there).   If others were already planning to visit Cincinnati this summer, and IF the covid situation improves, I'd be up for an informal class gathering.  

(On the other hand, if this pestilence drags on another year, we should schedule our reunion for the total eclipse of the sun that will visit Cincinnati on April 8, 2024).



01/19/22 01:57 PM #5927    


Philip Spiess

I went to watch a total eclipse of the sun once, but I didn't see it -- it was too dark out.

01/19/22 04:07 PM #5928    


Paul Simons

One request- if there's an ad hoc no-shirt-no-shoes-no-problem reunion can it be END of June rather than early June? For one thing swimming pools don't have full schedules or close to that until end of June and Cincinnati can be a hot humid place. 
Eclipse - I was lucky enough to observe one right on the beach at Wildwood Crest NJ. I had the very dark glasses needed to look right at the sun as it went away and came back. The day went from a sunny to very grey, the wind came up as the air cooled. Very strange feeling. Worth taking the time and trouble to observe.


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