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Ben Burton

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02/22/17 05:21 PM #1    

Gail Weintraub (Stern)

My last memory of Ben was a conversation that we had at David and Betsy's home on the Friday night of our 'When You're 64' reunion. It went something like this. Ben: You know, Gail, I had expected greater things from you. Gail: What do you mean, Ben? Ben: Well, I thought you'd amount to something like become a TV newscaster or a politician. Gail: (Speechless)   When I reflect on this now, I realize that unbeknowst to me, Ben had thought highly of me in high school. He was disappointed that I had not met his expectations. I realize that what he was sharing was loving, caring and honest. I appreciate that now. I was flabbergasted then.

In high school, I remember Ben as someone who had charisma and a strong aura. He was a fabulous athelete, had a good sense of humor and was liked by many. His death is another great loss for our class. But, I'm sure that Rick and Harold will welcome him with open arms. Another reunion of sorts. 



03/08/17 02:09 PM #2    

Rick Gloeckler

I think Ben was the first person I met at Walnut Hills.  There was an assembly at the start of school and Ben and I sat together in the last row in the balcony.  The lights were low and a Sr. High girl was sitting on the stage highlighted by a spotlight and about to sing a song from West Side Story.  She began, "I feel pretty" and Ben yelled out "You don't look it"...and the lights came on, the show stopped and Mr Volk and other teachers came running to grab us with fire in their eyes.  I believe, if memory serves, that Ashley Brown and Alan Greene were sitting with us as well.  We got reprimanded and detention for about a month but no one ever told or squealed as to who was the culprit.  As we matured and grew Ben became a force for Walnut Hills sports.  He could flat out fly.  He provided a deep threat to John Compton and Willie Stargell in football.  I still remember his catch of a long pass against LaSalle where he high pointed the ball and took it away from a defender.  Also remember Ben flying down the basketball court when we defeated Withrow who was ranked #1 at the time.  Ben was a bit of a prankster...loved to have fun....I am hoping he and Derek Dunn have gotten together in Heaven and are watching over us.  Godspeed Ben!  Rick Gloeckler

03/09/17 10:14 PM #3    

Gene Stern

Ben was a character but a fun one to be around.  One of the finest athletes I played football with  After  graduation  he went to Xavier University while they still had a football team. UC and X were and still are great rivals and in that game in 1965 Ben received the kickoff for X near their goal line and proceeded to show why he was so skilled by running back nearly 100 yards for a touchdown and sealed the fate of UC. i hated to lose but was really proud I knew Ben

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