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Michael Weiner

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07/02/20 03:18 PM #7    

Rick Lindsey

R.I.P. Mike.Mike always had a smile when I saw him.I was at a conference in Fargo in the mid 90's and ran into Mike at a restaurant,smiling as usual.Great guy.

07/02/20 03:27 PM #8    

Steven Levinson

Mile's life and mine intersected in two ways -- both indirect -- that I'm aware of.  He was an enthusiastic and terrific actor, as was Lynn, and they were in WHHS productions together.  You can find a photo of them from Mary of Scotland in the 1964 Remembrancer.  Mike told me at one of our reunions that he had played the part of Jerry in Albee's The Zoo Story while he was an undergrad at UC.  The Zoo Story is one of my favorite plays, and Jerry is one tough role to pull off correctly.  I have no doubt that Mike was superb.  At the same reunion, Mike shared that, "of course," he knew "the Judge"  -- the late federal 8th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Myron "Mike" Bright of Fargo, North Dakota -- no doubt through Fargo's Jewish congregation.  Mike Bright was a dear friend of mine.  That created the one degree of separation that I had with Mike Weiner.  It made me feel close to him, a feeling that I'd lacked before.  I so wish that I'd given myself the chance to know Mike better.  What a special guy.  I feel a loss that's transrational.

07/03/20 08:08 PM #9    

Richard Winter

I started at Walnut Hills when our class entered the ninth grade.   My family had moved from University Heights, near Cleveland, over the summer.   I was a shy kid and didn't have an easy time starting at a new school where I had hardly met anyone. 

Mike Weiner went out of his way to be friendly from the first time I met him.   Over the four years I spent at Walnut Hills, many of you welcomed me and some became good friends, but Mike was one of the earliest.   It would often brighten my day to see him and he usually greeted me with a joke or a smile.  

At one of our reunions I went on a tour of the school and happened to walk for about ten minutes with Mike.   As we were shown into the pool area, Mike and I chatted about Whitey, the swimming coach, and some of the odd things Whitey used to shout out to us as we swam our laps.  When the tour guide took us into the girls locker room, MIke said, "Finally!  How much I would have loved to see this room when we were in high school.".   Everyone laughed.   I had the same thought as we walked in, but he was quick, and said it perfectly, at just the right moment.   Mike was a warm, fun, guy that I will miss. 

07/03/20 08:26 PM #10    

Gene Stern

I recall talking with Mike at our last reunion and we spoke of our Rotary experience as I had been president of my club twice and he once. I recall his shock of red hair and his permanent smile and his easy going demeanor. I will miss seeing him next year as we celebrate our 75th Birthday Party in June. RIP Mike-you were one of the good guys!!

07/04/20 09:33 AM #11    

Sandy Steele (Bauman)

I am so sorry to hear about Mike's passing. We had some lovely conversations at reunions, and I remember his nice smile.

07/04/20 11:38 AM #12    

Dale Gieringer

 So sad to lose yet another star of "Mary Queen of Scots."   Mike wasn't a close friend, but I always enjoyed his  presence.  A gentleman has left us.

07/05/20 03:20 PM #13    

Sally Hastie (Dessner)

It was with great sadness that I learned that Michael's treatments had failed him.   I am remembering fondly the many good times we had together.   Mike and I dated while in college and after while he was in med school and I was in nursing school.  I was lucky enough to see him in The Zoo Story which was an amazing performance.    He was a very talented actor. Mike also had a lovely singing voice and he enjoyed singing.  He was a true romantic and he had the most wonderful smile.  He married about the same time that I did and we stayed friends over the years.  Mike would always visit us when he came back to Cincy.  I have not met his second wife Julie but I am thankful for the happy years they had together and what a blessing that she was able to be with him throughout his illness.  

07/06/20 07:02 AM #14    

Evan Burkholder

Rest in peace, Michael. The world has lost another light. And, yes, the "Mary, Queen of Scotts" cast has lost another. 

07/06/20 09:19 AM #15    

Stephanie Riger

So sorry to hear about Mike's passing.  I haven't seen him since high school but I remember well his easy smile and friendliness.  I'm so sorry for his family and friends as I know he will be missed.


07/10/20 08:06 PM #16    

Mary Benjamin

I was so sad to hear about Mike. I had known that he was very, very sick but I am so saddened to hear that Mike has died. I knew Mike almost my whole childhood - from North Avondale through WHHS. I remember him from elementary school as a smiling, mischievous redhead, always friendly, always with friends, always fun. We were never super close but there was always a warmth and familiarity from that long friendship.I remember having a wonderful conversation with him at CVG after one of our reunions. I was talking to him about a medical issue and he was incredibly kind and generous. I connected Rob with my brother-in-law, who went through the same stem cell transplant Mike did. They had a lovely connection and I am so sorry that that huge process didn't work out for Mike in the end. RIP Mike, I'll miss you and your warmth and loyal friendship. I'm so glad that Mike found Julie these last few years of his life. I remember meeting her at our 70th bday reunion and liking her so much. Hope all my other classmates are weathering this storm and are doing well. 

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