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Anita Pennak (Clarkson)

Anita Pennak (Clarkson)

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05/01/14 01:12 PM #1    

Tina Preuninger (Hisrich)

I remember Anita as quiet and friendly.  She was always pleasant and quick to laugh.

05/01/14 02:59 PM #2    

Gail Weintraub (Stern)

I echo Tina's remembrances of Anita. And, I might add, she was really smart!


05/21/14 09:15 PM #3    

Larry Klein

I was fortunate to spend a few minutes chatting with Anita at the Zoo reunion in the picnic area.  I remember how impressed I was at how lovely she had become and what a nice family she had.  Anita seemed a shy one in school (as was I).  She always had a smile and nice things to say.  Glad we got to chat.

05/26/14 04:20 AM #4    

Jonathan Marks

The zoo?

I think I went to the zoo with her once.

I think it was my first date.

Goodbye, sweet shy Anita.

05/26/14 07:14 AM #5    

Judy Holtzer (Knopf)

I don't know why, but I remember Anita best in a gym/athletic context. Anyone else? She had such a sweet smile, was always sincere. Judy Holtzer Knopf

05/27/14 12:16 PM #6    

Dale Gieringer

  Anita was a childhood sweetheart of mine going back to the first grade.  We went to Westwood School together;  she and I (plus Jon White & Emily Pugh, who left Cincinnati in the 8th grade) were among the handful of Westwood students who went to WHHS.  We had the same piano teacher;  Anita was the best piano player in 6th grade.  We also acted in plays together from grade school up through Arsenic & Old Lace.  Anita was going to be my date to graduation, but I regretfully had to stand her up after being invited by LBJ (along with Bill Sinkford) to go to the White House as a Presidential Squalor.  She went on to Mt Holyoke and our ways gradually parted.   I chose to go to California, she found Mississippi to her liking.    She became an airplane flight instructor, yet more testimony to her wide-ranging talent.   The news of her untimely death touched me as a sad and unsettling reminder of the random cruelty of nature.

    Dale Gieringer

05/30/14 01:42 AM #7    

Jonathan Marks

And one of the most regrettable incidents of my theatrical career was dress rehearsal for Arsenic and Old Lace when Frank Dauterich approached her for the one bit of intimacy, which had never been rehearsed, and we popped out from various corners of the set to yell, like the loutish adolescents we were, "Kiss her, Retch!"


My apologies to all concerned, and to dear Anita's spirit.

06/02/14 07:02 PM #8    

Philip Spiess

I'm sure that startled Dauterich more than Anita.  I dated Anita at least once; no (I'll just say here), she was not shy.  Later on in my career at the National Trust for Historic Preservation, I worked with a girl who had known Anita in college; apparently they didn't get along, as they fought over the same boy.  In other words, there was more to Anita than was on the surface, an interesting grit that made her more interesting than (perhaps) many thought she was. 

06/03/14 02:41 PM #9    

David R. Schneider

When I began law school at the University of Cincinnati in September, 1968, Anita and I instantly reconnected.

After the first semester, our class decreased from 150 students to 75 students.  Anita was still a good friend over those 3 years.

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