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Allen Thomas

Allen Thomas

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04/22/14 12:19 PM #1    

Susan Patterson (Schramm)


Al & his wife Kathy, became close friends when our daughters turned up on the same soccer team, then we all worked together as scout leaders. What fun we had!

Al always talked about his days at WHHS. He was so proud to have graduated there.  An accomplished craftsman, Al made much of the cabinetry and furniture for their home.  He was devoted to Kathy and his children.  Whatever he became involved with, rose gardening, boating, scouts, he gave it his wholehearted enthusiasm.  We miss him.

04/26/14 06:44 PM #2    

Nelson Abanto

I remember Allan very well.  We were both from the "wrong side of the tracks" and spent a lot of time together.  I remember that he could throw a baseball like nobody else and that he had huge hands.  I was sure he was going to be a pro pitcher.

I think at the last reunion, when I was having problems with one of my boys he spent about an hour with me, listening, and giving advice.

He was a great person.

06/02/14 12:39 AM #3    

Philip Spiess

I concur with Nelson.  He was a sound, quiet, reliable guy.

06/04/14 08:11 PM #4    

Ann Shepard (Rueve)

I didn't know Allen very well in high school, but we became acquainted at the 2004 reunion during the school tour. I really enjoyed getting to know him. When we got reacquainted on Facebook a few years later, I sent him a couple of pictures  I had snapped at the reunion.  One was this great picture of him by himself. The other was a great picture of him standing next to a woman, who I presumed was his wife.  He thanked me for the pictures.  A few weeks later, he contacted me to ask who the woman was.  He didn't have a clue who it was.

Does anyone know who this is? (My apology if it is a classmate who I don't remember.)

06/04/14 08:32 PM #5    

Steven Levinson

Allen was highly visible in Mrs. Murphy's 7th grade music class.  I had never rubbed elbows with anyone whose hairdoo included actual DAs.  Stereotypically, I assumed that Allen was a "hood" at first.  He was anything but.  He was a gentleman, a truly nice guy, and a great alto-tenor.

06/06/14 02:05 PM #6    

Bruce Fette

I remember that Allen had a role in 7th grade shop class in which he provided me a hand saw, and I was to cut a piece of wood with it. He complemented me on how straight my cut was.  I remember being impressed that someone would pay enough attention to notice, and further to make a complement about it. So I always thought of him as a nice guy.


06/10/14 08:23 AM #7    

Rick Gloeckler

Allen was a ball player.  He could really hit.  If I recall correctly the Pirates had him on their radar.  In addition to his baseball talent he was a good guy.

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