In Memory

Mark Blocher

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02/11/15 03:28 PM #8    

Steven Levinson

For what it's worth, Mark and I were paired in Tom Lounds's 9th grade biology class for the frog dissecting exercise.  Although I'd have happily butchered a chicken if the purpose was to cook and eat it, the idea of a formaldehyde saturated frog autopsy brought my wussy self close to fainting. No such problem for Mark.  He did all the work for both of us.  A really good guy.

02/11/15 09:13 PM #9    

James Schloss

One of the truly "nice guys". Big in staure and huge in heart. May his family and all of us who were and will always be his friend, find memories that remind us that we need to be so grateful for each other and the time, we have had, have today and will have tomorrow as friends. RIP Jolly


02/12/15 01:11 PM #10    

Rick Lindsey

Mark was a great guy and a good friend.Teammates on the basketball team .We had great conversations at past reunions and many laughs.I will miss seeing him at upcoming class reunions.

02/12/15 08:49 PM #11    

David M. Schneider

I transferred to Pleasant Ridge Elementary in the first grade, several months after the school year had started.  As the new student I was set up by the other students on day one to have to fight a classmate at lunch/recess.  Of course they selected Mark, the biggest guy in the class.  I looked at him and said to myself, "No Way!" Mark was such a gentle soul that he just tussled me about a bit and never really hurt me.  We became close friends from that day onward.  After different sports practices before we could drive and when Mark's dad couldn't pick us up in the Alfa Romeo, we used to walk up Blair Ave to catch the #4 bus to Pleasant Ridge.  The kids in the neighborhood would often yell vague threats at us as we walked and Bloch would smile (sort of) and wisely caution: Do not react, and remember, the one with the biggest mouth probably has the biggest brother!  Mark was a wonderful friend and a true gentleman: a real mensch to use an Episcopal term.  I have always had the greatest respect, admiration, and love for him and I will miss him dearly.

02/13/15 06:30 PM #12    

Don Merritt

Mark was a great guy. In high shool we were teammates on the basketball team and the football team. He will be missed. Seems like we all have fond memories of Mark. RIP Mark!


02/13/15 09:29 PM #13    

Nelson Abanto

The news of Mark's illness and passing has come as quite a blow and it has taken me some time to come to grips with it and say something.

We became very good friends in our senior year.  Over a couple of beers (who's counting?) one night we decided that this was the last year of this important phase of our lives and we had to do something with it.  We were on the track team at the time (one a shot putter the other a distance runner, you guess which) and I honestly believe that conversation spurred us both to a better season.  In our freshman year in college, he at Wooster and I at Cincinnati, he called me and asked if I could come up and get him and bring him back for an "important" date.  I did and, as Wooster is a reasonable drive, we had a long talk on how things were going for us in our new environment.  We both recognized the importance of getting off to a good start and committed to that.  Again, I felt that that conversation spurred us both to do better than we would have done otherwise.
After that, our different paths pulled us apart and eventually,  we were only seeing each other at reunions where we would have quick, brief updates on how things were going.  I will never forget the importance of that relationship to me at that formative stage of my life.  I will never forget that friendship.  I deeply mourn his passing.

02/14/15 09:37 AM #14    

Michael Hunting

Mark's funeral servie is today, February 14th, at 3 PM, at The Church of the Redeemer, in Hyde Park.

02/15/15 09:00 AM #15    

Rick Gloeckler

Very sorry to hear about Mark's passing.  What a good guy.  He was respectful of everyone and friends to all.  A good student, good athlete, and a good guy.  I can't remember him not smiling.  Godspeed Mark....

02/16/15 12:01 AM #16    

Jonathan Marks

Ave atque vale, Mark.  Yes, that smile will stay with us.

02/16/15 08:07 PM #17    

Diane Wiesen (Todd)

For thee, O now a silent soul, my brother, Take at my hands this garland, and farewell. 


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