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Frank Honebrink, II

Frank Honebrink, II

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04/26/14 06:53 PM #1    

Nelson Abanto

Frank and I sat next to each other in home room the last two years.  I was hugely impressed.  He was a great athlete and an intellect.  He was on to great things.

Then, on our graduation night, the motor cycle accident...




04/29/14 04:36 PM #2    

Dexter Roger Dixon

I believe it was during our junior year, some of us were speaking about starting an integrated fraternity which was to be named Chi Rho Sigma.  Frank attended a few organizational meetings.  Though the idea was short-lived and died for various and sundry reasons, I respected Frank for being one to stand with us to make a statement about integration at a volatile time in the racial history at WHHS.  He was a good man.

06/10/14 09:14 AM #3    

Paul Simons

A few years after high school I bought the motorcycle from Frank. He was clearly in pain, both physical and psychological, but he also had strength and was not in any way seeking pity or pitying himself. The facts were the facts, that's all. The bike was an instrument of salvation for me - I took to racing it at the old Beechmont track, and at Miamisburg, and so on, got hurt, not a lasting injury but at the time enough to get me out of being drafted after UC. I don't think I would have done well in Vietnam. Thanks, Frank.

06/11/14 02:51 PM #4    

Stephen Dixon

What I remember about Frank is a wry sense of humor, kind of quiet and sneaky, but razor-sharp. We sat across from one another in Shop class. I remember him being a little skeptical about the pursuit of woodshop.

06/23/14 11:30 AM #5    

Clyde (Chip) Brown

Frank and I became friends while playing drums in the band.  After his accident I visited him in the hospital.  He did have that great attitude and wry sense of humor we all knew.  I was so distraught that while driving home, I ignored a speed zone and got a ticket.  RIP Frank.

06/25/14 01:16 PM #6    

Dale Gieringer

Nelson - Is it really true that Frank's motorcycle accident was the night of our H.S. graduation?  I didn't know him well, but remember his wry presence in Miss Renfro's Latin class.

11/11/14 10:35 PM #7    

Nelson Abanto


I was just looking at this month's later and I see for the first time, your comment.  Yes I am sure that was the case.  I don't remember when, exactly, I heard it but I am sure that was the case.

11/21/14 10:54 AM #8    

Gene Stern

Frank, George Gossling, Dave Brockfield (Class of 63) and I were all were from Winton Place and grew up together with Boy Scout Troop 59.  It was so sad the Frank was injured immediatley upon graduation and ended up a paraplegic the remainder of his life-how terribly sad.  The "Goose" passed away at the young age of 40.  I miss both of them.

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