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Joseph Meek

Joseph Meek

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04/27/14 09:33 AM #1    

Michael Hunting

Joe died June 22, 2001. We used to call each other every month. One day he called me and I could barely understand him as he was slurring his words. He had ALS. I went to S.F. a month or so later to visit him. Surprisingly, at that time, he had all of his faculties except his voice. We even played a round of golf together. A year later he was dead. ALS is a very devstating disease. May he rest in peace.

04/27/14 06:15 PM #2    

Steve Sanger

Joe and I were friends from our early days at Kilgore school.  We played knothole baseball together (does anyone from Mt. Lookout remember the Kilgore Foxes?).  We car pooled to Walnut Hills throughout Jr. High.  We lost touch after graduation from WHHS, but then reconnected in the late 90s when he was living in San Francisco, and talked by phone semi-regularly.  I was stunned when he told me he had ALS and saddened to learn of his passing.  I will remember him fondly.

04/30/14 11:17 PM #3    

Larry Klein

Steve, I certainly remember the Kilgour Foxes, and the Cubs, too.  I wasn't on the team for parental reasons, but I played with Joe Meek, Stevie Golden, Bobby Adams, and later hit against young Tommy Derringer.

Joe was always that enthusiastic but mild-mannered guy who loved his sports and Friday nights out.  I'm happy to have known Joe and walked the halls with him on many occasions.

05/31/14 12:49 PM #4    

Richard Murdock

Joe lived quite near me over in the Mt. Lookout area and we went to Kilgour elementary school together.  And I was on the Kilgour Foxes although clearly a career in baseball was not in the cards for me.   Joe was a good guy but I lost touch with him after graduating.  I was very sorry to hear about his passing. 

05/31/14 04:44 PM #5    

Paul Youngs

Joe and I grew up together in the Mt. Lookout area. I still remember his home down by the park as well as playing every sport under the sun. We had a great time in the neighborhood in those days. As I recall, Joe could outrun us all. Fond memories indeed.

06/09/14 07:34 PM #6    

Rick Gloeckler

Joe, Steve Sanger and I alternated playing right field one year for the Eagles.  Whoever played was scorned by his two compatriots who were sitting on the bench.  As I recall, none of us displayed any promise for the major leagues.....but we had fun that year.  Joe was a good guy.  Rick Gloeckler

06/10/14 06:17 PM #7    

Barbara Kahn (Tepper)

I didn't have a lot of rules at home but there was one night when my mother told me she was worried about me. Long before cell phones I guess there was no way to find someone.  I don't remember the whole story of it but I was sitting in a limo in front of Inez Fine's house with Joe Meek.  I'm sure Inez was there and at least one other person but who I cannot say.  All I know is that we were there until the wee hours and my mother was upset about me being out so late and not knowing where I was.  So sorry Mom!

Why we were in a limo and who else was there escapes me but I always thought Joe was a really nice guy.

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