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Walter (Chip) Meyer, Md

Walter (Chip) Meyer, Md

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04/28/14 02:10 PM #3    

Larry Klein

Chip and I sat together in Algebra class and would often arm-wrestle before class began (I never won).  Chip tried to incorporate me into the social network at school by encouraging me to attend a dance at the old Pepsi ballroom on Sunnybrook Dr.  I too ran track with him and I may have been the third leg of that relay Nelson spoke of - I usually ran the 3/4 leg. I was happy to claim Chip as a HS buddy.

04/30/14 08:37 AM #4    

Doug Gordon

My memories of Chip go back a long way since he was one of my WHHS classmates who started out with me at Kennedy-Silverton grade school. He lived in the next development north of me and I think our moms car-pooled a few times.

05/01/14 07:23 PM #5    

David Buchholz

Chip and I were on the gymnastics team together.  He was the only one of us who was strong enough to perform the "iron cross" on the rings, a move that requires you to hold your arms straight out while pulling your legs into a seated position in the air.  

I never knew how he died, but I found this on the web from one of his medical school friends  and am copying it for those who didn't know:

 Finally, he moved back to Ohio and joined a family practice group in Lebanon, Ohio. Chip was the best man at my wedding. We talked weekly on the phone, and I made several visits to Ohio to see him. Chip married M'Lu Rohr in Tucson and had two girls with her. He was always athletic and took up running marathons.  In fact, he was training for the Boston Marathon when he died of a massive myocardial infarction while in bed on February 5, 1992. Chip was extremely bright, had a wonderful personality, was a very gifted physician and was my best friend -- I miss him greatly.



05/01/14 10:52 PM #6    

John Mather

I first knew Chip in grade school at Kennedy-Silverton. He lived fairly close to me so he was a natural to join my Cub Scout den. For a time my mom was the den mother so Chip came to our house for den meetings. I don’t remember if he continued on to Boy Scouts.

We took the city bus/trolley (Weren’t those electric buses cool? Where’d they go?) to Walnut Hills. The “4” only went as far as the Kennedy loop so we needed a ride. Chip’s dad, Walt Sr., would pick us up at the end of our street. Five of us, including John Lyon, crammed into his little car. I think a Nash. It was green. It was often a mad dash.

Chip and I would often take the same bus home and during our freshman/sophomore year we would walk together to Mike Boyers house and the three of us would gather around the piano. Mike would play the good old 1-4-5 rocks chords while we harmonized to “Runaway” and “Blue Moon” We thought we were pretty cool (at least I did).

Chip had a great smile you see above. Added to his friendliness it probably helped to get him elected Junior class press & Senior VP. He was very strong and really worked hard on the gymnastic team. He always wanted to be a doctor. He died very young.

07/07/14 12:11 AM #7    

Philip Spiess

By golly, Dave, now that you mention it, I remember Chip doing the "iron cross" in gym many times (sorry, guy, I don't remember you doing it).  I also remember that, in Mr. Counts' 10th Grade Health Class (boys only), he made Chip take off his shirt to discuss the muscles of the back and shoulders (not sure a teacher would be allowed to do that these days!).  It was obvious then how Chip could do the "iron cross" easily. 

01/16/15 04:12 PM #8    

Mark Lehman

Besides being a superb athlete and an unpretentious and truly sweet person Chip was very interested in science. Perhaps he was already thinking about becoming a doctor someday. I don't recall if this goes back to Kennedy-Silverton Elementary school (where Doug Gordon, John Mather, and I along with several other WHHS alums went), but Chip was definitely into science by the time he went to Walnut Hills. I visited him at his home a few times (I think he lived on Gwilada in Dillonvale) to see what he was working on for his science project, and later my mom drove him and Frank Dauterich and me to the regional science fair in Oxford, Ohio, in 10th grade, where the three of us each set up displays for our individual projects. That was a fun and exciting trip for us then. Goodbye Chip--you leave behind many fond memories among a great many of your classmates who remember and miss you. Mark Lehman  

01/18/15 09:42 PM #9    

John Mather

Mark Lehman, thanks fr saying something I knew but did not quite get into words.

01/19/15 01:37 PM #10    

Stephen Dixon

I saw Chip Meyer do the Iron Cross. Memorable!

01/20/15 08:48 AM #11    

Bruce Bittmann

I, too, grew up with Chip, starting at Kennedy and Cub Scouts.  Chip always had a smile, a kind word and was fun to be around.  And, the Iron Cross.  Wow.  I believe his younger brother, Steve, also went to Walnut Hills.   'Twas really sad to learn of his passing years ago, but I did not know how or when.  We lost a fine man.

12/01/16 01:19 PM #12    

Larry Klein

Our webpage received the following email from a former physician colleague of Chip's:

From:  George A. Rourke M.D.

I was one of Chip's family practice partners in a practice in Lebanon, Ohio. There were 4 of us at one time.Berninger, Rourke, Hayes and Meyer. I still practice in Hawaii. I decided to look for his Obit on the Web. He graduated from U of Cincinnati School of Medicine but I dont know what year. Dr Hayes is retired and still alive and myself. I chose Chip to be my PCP. So sad he passed so young; very good physician. GAR

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