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Richard Rosenbaum

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06/10/15 09:20 AM #1    

John Isidor

Very sorry to hear about Rick's death. Rick had a larger than life personality and a great sense of humor. Rick was also a very good athlete.
I mostly lost touch with Rick after he left WHHS in high school. My memories of Rick are very positive. Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.

06/18/15 09:00 AM #2    

Judy Holtzer (Knopf)

I I was very sorry to hear of the passing of Ricky Rosenbaum, and surprised that I remembered him so clearly since he left WHHS after his sophomore year. Immediately recalled his quick and easy grin, slouched walk, and always cheerful manner. Very likeable and very sweet. And then the penny dropped and I found Ricky in my fifth and sixth grade homeroom pictures from Bond Hill School.

Ricky is top row, fourth from the left.

May his memory be a blessing to his family.


07/09/15 05:10 PM #3    

Stephen Collett

I have been thinking about Rosenbaum since the word of his death and postings ongoing. It´s funny how we used each others last names in those years, especially with those we were close with. Rosie was Rosenbaum, and sometimes Rick or Ricky. 

I got to go spend the night there a few times in 8th-9th grades. His very sweet mom, glamorous big sister, and dad in the recliner, the wholesale shoe salesman. I got interested in and bought a style or two of shoe from his line, where I could find them.

Taking a walk on the street after dinner was a new thing for me, meeting neighbors and dropping into the candy shop. From my location on Madison Road you could walk to Obrianville but you didnt see any neighbors. We would meet Billy in the street and maybe try to get a smoke up around the corner. Those who knew Rick close would see that he was a little bit OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). Anyone who ate lunch with him would notice that he had to snip off the corners of his piece of cheese in the packet, the uniformity of the packet. He had a hankie that he tucked a certain way into his shorts for the night and he had stringent home food rules.

When I think of Rick so think I that maybe his favorite song would have been "Those Oldies But Goodies", that he could do in falsetto. And then I thiink of him in the halls, when we got to the point of saying, let´s get serious. (Big smile all around). And Rosie would with a very serious look on his face wheel around and command, "where is Serious?"! 

06/28/17 10:29 PM #4    

Richard Ransohoff

I remember he used to mention some abstract mom as follows: "Ah yes, a wonderful woman with three lovely children" [long pause] "and the other four, not in fact so lovely." 





06/29/17 03:06 PM #5    

Barbara Kahn (Tepper)

Judy, Thanks so much for the picture from Bond Hill School.  I moved in the middle of 4th grade but can still identify several of my classmates including Ricky.



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