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Paul Agnew

Paul Agnew

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04/22/15 11:34 PM #1    

Philip Spiess

Paul was a fun guy in a most interesting way.  He had his own take on things.  Some may have thought him a little bit eccentric, but actually he wasn't.  He was just absolutely himself.

04/27/15 02:41 PM #2    

Larry Klein

I have to second Phil's comments about Paul just being himself.  Paul was one of my closest friends in the early grades at Kilgour, at a time when I needed new friends.  I had just been moved from my Aunt's farm in Brown County to the city with my Mom.  We lived in Walnut Hills on McMillan Ave and I went to Kilgour because Mom's beauty salon was in Mt. Lookout.  Paul and I walked home together many times after school, sometimes assompanied by Irv Crandall or Perry Freeman or Win Kinsley.  When I transferred to Lincoln in mid-4th grade, I lost touch with Paul for a few years until we both showed up at Walnut in 7th grade.  While we were never as close in HS, Paul was always cordial and considerate.

04/27/15 10:02 PM #3    

Gail Weintraub (Stern)

This biographical information comes from Paul's brother, Gordon Agnew, WHHS '63. Thank you, Gordon.

Paul left WHHS after the 11th grade when his mother remarried and moved the family to Greenhills. After high school graduation, he entered Miami University and earned a BA in English. He took with him a love of poetry which he wrote his entire life.

While in his 20's, Paul was declared legally blind (2 detached retinas) and had a debilitating stroke. Despite his handicaps, he worked at the Cincinnati Public Library, Downtown Branch, in the section for the blind. In the '90's, the library had an upheaval of management, and Paul was unfairly let go. Gordon says that this loss really broke Paul. 

He was on disability, continued to write poetry and enjoyed the companionship of his beloved dog.

Paul died in August, 2014. May he rest in peace.




04/28/15 07:53 AM #4    

Laura Reid (Pease)

It is heartbreaking that Paul suffered with a disability and then was let go from the library.  Some people have a lifetime of suffering.  I 'm glad he had his dog.  Larry, loved hearing your memories of Paul and I didn't know you started your life in Brown County....

04/29/15 08:17 AM #5    

Stephen Collett

I was good friends with Paul all through high school and saw him in vacations during college. He had a wry sense of humor and a self-deprecating wit that took a high step over anyone who might consider joking at his expense. For some reason I had been thinking that Paul died a while ago, thinking I had heard that but not checking. I am sorry that I didn't try to find him when in Cinti in recent decades. One of those lessons learned too late. He liked "Catcher in the Rye" and opened that book up for me.

04/29/15 03:12 PM #6    

Stephen Dixon

Gail, are you in touch with Gordon, at all. I searched, online, for poetry by Paul but have not found anything, so far. I would love to find access to some of his poems.

04/29/15 09:33 PM #7    

Gail Weintraub (Stern)

Steve, I contacted Gordon Agnew. He said that he had none of Paul's poems, and he knows of none that were published. Paul did not use a computer. 

04/30/15 01:29 PM #8    

Stephen Dixon

Thanks for trying, Gail. It feels like a compound loss to not have his poems.

05/01/15 01:49 PM #9    

Harold Merse

I was very saddened to learn of Paul's death.  He was a good man, and a good friend.  I first met Paul after high school, when I was working & going to evening college. We talked quite a bit. I can't remember what he was studying in evening college, but I saw him several times.  Coincidentely I would meet several friends occasionally at the MLT (Mount Lookout Tavern), which happened to be just down the street from where he was living. He would walk to the tavern as I recall, but I nixed that. I picked Paul up and drove he & I to the MLT several times.  In 1973, I married and lost track of Paul......I sent Paul an invitation but never heard from him. He never let on to me the condition with his eyes..... as I remember, he just didn't like to drive. I tried to connect with him but he (& his family) moved.  The years passed and as several of our reunions came & went (the ones I could attend) I always hoped I would see him again. I have missed, and will miss him.  RIP 

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