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Melita Iraids (Williams)

Melita Iraids (Williams)

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04/27/14 05:38 PM #1    

Gail Weintraub (Stern)

I really did not know Melita well; but, I was in awe of her artistic talents. We took several art classes together at WHHS and the Cincinnati Art Academy. She was so gifted. What a loss.

05/01/14 01:44 PM #2    

Margery Erhardt (Feller)

I remember Melita as being such a lovely and rather quiet girl, very unassuming. She had a radiant smile and I believe she and her mother had emigrated from Europe but don't remember from where  exactly. Her art talent was unbelievable. We attended College Hill Elementary together and every time I see a horse I still think of Melita. She could draw everything but horses were her passion. She was great as a partner in class projects for A's were definite due to Melita's talent. Melita and her art gift were lost too soon.

05/02/14 08:28 PM #3    

Bruce Fette

Melita lived quite near me, and since I was on stage crew and she was a scenery painter we were often there late friday nights. I remember, that I invited her to a dance and the day of the dance, she fell and broke her arm.  So we didnt go to the dance.  I also remember her home and her father; he was an inventor and he felt we had much in common. And her home had a very large garden in the back full of beautiful red poppy flowers.




05/31/14 07:01 PM #4    

Janet Wood (Mitchell)

Melita went to Hyde Park School with me when she and her family first came to Cincinnati.  They immigrated from Latvia, and were "displaced persons" after WWII.  Her family had an apartment at the Taft family estate, who were probably the ones who sponsored them.  Melita's English was good from the start, and she was a wonderful artist, even in the second grade. I was sorry when she moved to College Hill, but glad to see her again at WHHS,  It is so sad that she died so young, especially since she had four kids.  I will always remember her.

06/03/14 04:20 PM #5    

Margery Erhardt (Feller)

Janet, your loss of Melita from Hyde Park was our gain in College Hill. I visited with Melita and her mother in an apartment at the top of Hamilton Avenue I believe. Thanks for mentioning that she was from Latvia – I wasn’t sure I remembered that correctly. As you mentioned, Melita’s English was great but her mother was doing well in learning it too. I didn’t realize Melita had 4 children. What a lovely person!


06/07/14 01:18 AM #6    

Philip Spiess

For reasons which I'm now unclear about, I became close to Melita -- possibly because she was an artist and scenery painter, as was my sister (a year ahead of us), and I was on stage crew.  Bruce, I remember that garden you mention, and I remember Melita's mother, too.  Did she have a younger brother?  (Somehow I remember one.)

06/08/14 12:11 AM #7    

Bruce Fette

Yes, she did have a younger brother, but I do not remember his name. It was he who told me she had passed away.

06/08/14 11:36 AM #8    

Eugene Katona

Melita was smart and talented and gentle and friendly. I or rather we were all extremely fortunate to have her in our lives. I'm sad she's not with us now but I'll remember her as long as I'm around and I know we all will.

06/09/14 11:22 PM #9    

Lillian Vendig (Bandyk)

I remember Melita persuading me to get involved in scenery painting with her.  What a great talent she had!  and such a lovely person!  What a loss!

01/08/18 01:59 AM #10    

Geoffrey Highfield

I remember sitting behind her in class. If memory serves either English (Mrs McCammon) or Modern History (Mr Melman). I had an enormus crush on her but could never nerve myself to say anything.

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